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Un proyecto co-ejecutado por Aves Argentinas y
Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina

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X Encuentro de Ganaderos de Pastizales del Cono Sur y VII Congreso Argentino de Pastizales NaturalesArgentinas

Taller para la actualización del conocimiento y diseño de acciones para la conservación del tordo amarillo.

Evaluación Tessa para servicios ambientales del pastizal natural en Argentina

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Noticias sustentables

Three hundred attendees participated in the Fifth Meeting of Grasslands Cattle Ranchers of the Southern Cone of South America.

Argentine producers(from left to right):Marcial Bugnon (Estancia El Matrero, Pov.Santa Fe), Francisco Caminos (Estancia El Estero, Prov.Santa Fe), LucianoMoore (Estancia La Norma, Prov.Santa Fe), José Rodriguez Ponte (Estancia La IsolinaProv.Buenos Aires, Ednio Llorens (Estancia Los OverosProv.Buenos Aires), Juan Bautista MarianiEnzo Mariani (Estancia La Catalina, Prov.Entre Ríos).

The city of Lavras do Sul, located in the southwest of the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil, hosted 300 participants during the Fifth Meeting of Grasslands Cattle Ranchers of the Southern Cone of South America. This meeting included guest farmers from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay from 27 to r 29 Octobe, 2011, to share experiences and learning at the facilities of Sindicato Rural (Rural Trade Unionand also included live presentations of best practices in fields near the venue.
The presentations on the first day were  as follows: first INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research, by its French acronym), then the Audubon Association (USA) followed by a presentation from Nature Canada. Later  there were presentations from the Federal University of Rio Grande do sul.
The “Alliance for the Grasslandsaward ceremony” was held at the end of the day to reward  Dr. Carlos Nabinger, recognized expert on natural pastures of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.
 Presentation of Sustainable Grassland Livestock Project co-developed by Aves Argentinas and Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina

Ing.Agr.Fernando Aiello presentation (first on the right)

The Sustainable Grassland Livestock Project co-developed by Aves Argentinas and Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina was presented by Agr. Fernando Aiello, Coordinator of San Javier Pilot SiteProvince of Santa Fe (AA-AOP) and shared Project actions summary as follows:            
     Click on the image to enlarge

Following Diego Ocampos Olmedo presented a study of birdfriendly meat at Paraguay market and Silvana Bosignore presented Uruguay Natural case.

At the same time a special stand of  the project was displayed and was visited by many interested assistants who could ask for information, material and brochures.

Project Stand

At the opening of October 28  a prestigious and interesting presentation was carried out:projection of a video in which Agr. Israel Feldman, founder of the Argentina Association of Managing Natural Pastures, talked about  pasture management in  Argentina (to see video click here).
On the meat certification panel, Mathías Almeida, Marfrig Group representative, presented sustainable policies and relation with the Alliance. The panel was closed by Aníbal Parera, Aliance for the grasslands coordinator, who explained the meat certification process update.
Workshops and fields visits
Field visits made it possible to estimate successful results in the implementation of good practices of managing pasture and to recognize the local geography. In the 'fazendas' Rincón Do Inferno and Do Sobrado were observed the benefits of the sustainable ranching in pastures and served to compare with neighboring fields that still have not adopted these practices.


Three workshops were held simultaniously: Contribution to Grassland Conservation Index (by Paulo de Faccio Carvalho and Glayson Bencke), adjustment and verification of farm certification check lists (by Máximo MaraniGerardo Evia and Rogerio Jaworsky dos Santos) and Evaluation of Alliance for the Grasslands (by Carla Sbert).
Estancia Sao Crispim

Tour to Estancia Sao Crispim offered attendees a complete overview of grasslands management  strengthening all learnings acquired during this important meeting which surely will continue building the way to sustainable livestock production and bird-friendly beef certification.